Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lilly Dache Encouraged Personal Trademarks....What's Yours?

I just finished reading both of Lilly Dache's books - Lilly Dache, Talking Through My Hats (1946) and Lilly Dache's Glamour Book (1956) - and they were wonderful!
 Lilly Dache dreamed of an American wonderland from childhood in France, and managed to make her dream come true.  Carrying only $13 and her talent in her pocket, she crossed the ocean alone at age 18 to come to America, and she became the most famous milliner in New York.
 Her first book describes her many challenges and how she overcame them in inspiring read for any entrepreneur in the fashion industry! 

Check out how she layers on the jewelry, too....definitely not a shy woman.....
The book also shares how she first fell in love with New York, then Jean Despres, and how she managed to balance her thriving empire's demands with her devotion to her husband.
 Along the way, she gives you hints as to her clientele and their temperaments...and some are a dead give-away....
Her second book was  my favorite, and I will definitely read it again someday!  
It is amazing how far we've come with our ideas of what constitutes "modern-day glamor", yet equally amazing how some things have remained unchanged.  For example, she suggests that women do all they can to maintain their figure and appearance....exercise, keep an attractive hairstyle and color, always wear complimentary makeup, etc....all are a must for being the best you can be....and keeping your confidence at its utmost!
One of her most important points is that each person should have their own trademark.  That trademark could be a certain color that you always include in your attire, an object that you identify with in your accessories (such as leopard print), or even a constant style in your wardrobe (such as always incorporating a vintage piece). 
I'm curious....if you think about your appearance and style...something you always go to with complete confidence, what is YOUR trademark?  Will you share it with us?