Sunday, November 13, 2011

A "Link" to My Past

Not very long ago I was searching for some pictures of early oil wells in Oklahoma, and in particular, near my hometown.  I sifted through lots of images, but one really caught my eye.  It was a picture of my mother, the baton twirler, marching with the Drumright High School  Band in their Christmas Parade....probably around 1953-1954.
I sent the picture to my mom and she couldn't believe that it was floating around "out there".  She wasn't even positive that the twirler that I thought was her WAS her (the one on the far left by the brown car), but I blew the picture up and am 99.9% sure that it's her!
  I love finding treasures like old photos of my put a huge smile on my face and opened a whole new book of stories for her to share with me.  It was so much fun.....

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Letting You in on One of My Favs - Betsy Martin of Reign Denver

I haven't met Betsy personally, but she seems to be the "Girl in the Know" for Denver.  She sends out a weekly blog with the latest and greatest goings-on locally, so I thought I would share it with all my Denver Buds.  Here's her latest post....enjoy:


Old Favorites

Admit it, ladies. You watch shows like Pan Am and Mad Men and daydream about the costumes. You throw in your Audrey Hepburn DVD collection only to covet her orange Givenchy overcoat and mink hat. You, sweet fashionista, are an old soul. You prefer a little story behind your wardrobe, and a bit of history in your home. And you get giddy as a schoolgirl when you stumble upon hidden gems like South Broadway’s Chic Antiques. Proprietress and Vintage expert Sabine McCurry scours the scene, giving Denver women a chance to step back in time and dress in authentic clothing from 1890 to 1980. Each piece is hand selected for authenticity, quality, condition and style, so that your nod to Jackie O is one of which the icon would undoubtedly approve. Located in the heart of Antique Row, Chic Antiques also offers unbridled goodness by way of luxury bath goods with vintage-inspired packaging, accessories (McCurry’s hat collection is hovering around 1,000) and furnishings that would make any glamour puss go gaga. We loved the 1940s vanity chair that looked like it would be just as charming in our boudoir as it would the bathroom. While there, check out the metallic French wallpaper that adorns the plush dressing area. It’s tres chic. Chic Antiques, 1487 South Broadway, Ring 303.325.5108