Tuesday, January 31, 2012

For the Love of Vintage Vogues

For the majority of my years I have taken Vogue magazine with very little interruption in subscriptions....it's a fashion lover's best friend.  Occasionally I even pick up a vintage Vogue just for the heck of it....because I love vintage fashion even more than modern fashion.  Here are a few of my favorite vintage Vogue covers:


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Heaven Sent

My daughter belongs to K-Life which is a ministry group focused on mentoring and coaching today's teenagers. The group further breaks into smaller groups of 5-6 people so that the teens can get together easily at someone's home or to go to the movies, etc.
A couple of weeks before Christmas, my daughter's small group, led by a delightful. energetic young woman named Kelsey, got together for their usual meeting, but this time they made a point of inviting the parents back a little early to pick up their daughters...."for a surprise" they told us.
When we arrived, the girls took us to a nearby field where they opened large paper lanterns.
They held the large lanterns while lighting a small piece of paraffin-covered cardboard which was secured in the center at the bottom of each one.
 One by One, as the heat filled the lanterns, they lifted weightlessly......
 disappearing into the dusky sky.
 They floated  farther and farther away.....
 until they were so high you could see only a speck in the sky....then nothing.
 It was an amazing evening filled with awe and dreams for the future.....for each daughter had written their favorite scripture, New Year's resolution or a note about someone/something they were thankful for on the outside of their lantern so that it could be lifted closer to God in thankfulness.