Saturday, February 27, 2010

Spring Green.....

If you have had time to browse through my blog or Etsy shop, you've probably noticed that I love green and pink....alone or mixed....doesn't matter....just love 'em!
One of my favorite shades of green is reminds me of spring, which is fast approaching for most.  Living in Colorado demands more patience though before the daffodils, hyacinths, and crocuses peep their little blooms above the cold, snowy ground.  Fortunately, my impatience is eased by designing jewelry, handbags and clothes using all the vibrant spring colors that I wish!  Working with the peridot greens in this necklace gave me plenty of time to dream of all the beautiful flowers that are probably just beginning to stir.....

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Bride's Bag Green with Envy

While visiting some of my vintage haunts last spring, I ran across a 1960's evening gown with the most beautiful rhinestone piece which was attached at the center front of its empire waist.  The gown itself had many stains on it....evidence of quite a party at its last hoorah!  But the rhinestone accent piece was still sparkly and had promises of a new life.
When I returned to my studio, I removed the rhinestone decor and held it next to many different pieces of vintage fabrics.  Finally, it popped when I laid it on a scrap of 1960's heavyweight satin in lime green.....a piece my mother had picked up for me while shopping at one of her vintage boutiques!  (Having a mother and sister who know me well certainly has its benefits.   My mother sends me a box once a month filled with treasures awaiting a new life, and my sister always finds something special for me at her flea markets!)
I wanted this bag to have a contemporary feel to it, but contemporary to the '50's or '60's.  You know....the old Hollywood look from Joanne Woodward....but something that would be perfect for today, too!   Here are the results.....

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

MICHELLE ROARK - 2010 Olympic Mogul Skier

My FANTASIA statement necklace has found a new home with my friend Michelle Roark, 2010 Olympic Mogul competitor, and 2006 Olympian and World Cup Champion Downhill Skier.   
Michelle may wear spacey-looking ski clothes and fly down mountains at 40 mph, but she's all girl underneath.  And her favorite color? You guessed it....PINK!  So it's no wonder that my Fantasia necklace has found a new home with her.  Michelle was even brave enough to rock it with her US Olympian ski gear in an interview with Fox news:

As if her skiing talents weren't enough, Michelle is the designer and creator behind Phi-nomenal Perfumes and owner of Denver's Voila Spa; Next time you are strolling around downtown Denver, take a few minutes to walk through Voila and smell her latest perfumes....she will even create a custom one for you!


2185 Broadway
Denver, CO 80205


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Daughter's Valentine's Day Tradition

A few years back I made my mother a small heart-shaped sachet for Valentine's Day.  It was red duipioni silk with a double row of "lace" that I created from seed beads and I hand embroidered her initial "P" on the front in metallic gold thread.  While I sat working on it I thought about my childhood days that she had filled with love and the warmth of her touch.  I enjoyed filling the time it took to make every tiny hand stitch with those wonderful memories!  It turned out so lovely that I made one the next year....and the next year....and the next....
I think I have missed one of the last 9 years in making them, but I did get another one made for her this year.  Blue is not really one of her favorite colors, but I am running out of new colors to use!....hope the turquoise duipioni charms her eye!
I do have one rule to follow when I design her hearts:  It must be created from things I already have at my home and my studio...nothing purchased specifically for it.  
Sometime I will take pictures of them all and share them with you....