Friday, October 21, 2011

Champagne Bubble Clutch

Just sold one of my favorite clutches on Etsy!

   The bride needed a green clutch and was so excited about finding it!
Hope it fits her wedding colors and is more than she expected....I always LOVE to hear something I designed is even better in person!
Many hours were spent hand-sewing the various-sized, ivory pearls
on to liken it to champagne bubbles.....
I think I may have even been drinking a glass a champagne
when I was making it....don't you dare tell!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Twenty Years Ago Today!

I can't believe it!
Twenty years may have gone by, 
but a million memories were created.
Here's to the next twenty, my Love.....

Monday, October 3, 2011

Fall Table Centerpiece

I love fall! The colors are so rich and beautiful, the leaves shimmer and shake like jewels, and the cool, crisp air is just perfect for bundling up in your favorite sweater and scarf....or next to your hubby/boyfriend. And decorating for fall is just as much fun as decorating for Christmas....well, almost.

Several women at my church take turns bringing two centerpieces to decorate the alter at the front of the sanctuary. I don't actually do it as often as other women do because my assigned Sunday is the fifth one, which only comes around five times a year. This year October has five Sundays, so I will be bringing the flowers for our October 30 service.

I wanted to find something creative to take because I'm among so many talented floral designers....they set the bar pretty high sometimes! So I turned to Youtube and found something that I think will be perfect! So perfect, in fact, that I wanted to share it with you for your fall table decorations.

One side would probably be a good idea if you actually knew the neighbor whose yard you are plucking your pieces from!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Day Tripper

I haven't blogged in ages, but definitely DO check in on all my favorite bloggers.  You keep me going....helping me remember that there is a whole world out there of creative people, writers, designers, crazies just like me,....I love you all and thank you for your inspiration!!!!
We took a trip to the mountains this weekend to see the aspens turn (something all Coloradans do just becuz....). but by the time we got to Conifer, my youngest had a 102.5 fever.  How does this happen ONLY on days we are leaving for a trip????  All I can say is that it must be innate.   Bless her heart, she was not giving in and asking us to go home though....she took some pain medicine and put on a happy face so she wouldn't miss a thing!
The aspen trees were gorgeous!  They appeared to be ablaze with fire until you got right up to them.
Then, when you stood next to them, their tiny, heart-shaped leaves shook like little sparkly jewels in the wind, giving them their nickname "Quakies". 
Luckily, kids are resilient and we ended up having a wonderful day even with her feeling "under the weather".  She didn't miss one drop of God's sunshine, rain, lightening, wind, and even snow! that was provided for today's viewing pleasure!

If you've never seen Colorado's "turning of the aspens", you must set aside time to experience it.  It's something you'll never forget...... 
Depending on the end-of-summer weather, the best times to go are September 15 though October 6 or so.  You really must......