Monday, February 14, 2011

Heart Number Time on the Wing! Does Yours Fly By as Fast as Mine?

Because my mother loves birds so much, this heart sachet came together easily, too.  I've wire-wrapped a vintage brooch that had a bird on it, then laid it over the feather "ribbon" that was diagonally sewn across the heart.  The ribbon is a vintage piece from my grandmother's old sewing trims and is attached to the brown dupioni silk heart at the top center.  Last, but not least, is a bird egg dangling at the bottom.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Heart Number Six Sings a Song of Love...

This is one of my favorite heart sachets....simple, but still sings a song.  I have a couple of bolts of this fabric because I flipped over it when I saw it.  I bought a couple of yards to begin with, then I went back and bought it all!  And when a new bolt of it came in, I bought it, too!  Sick, isn't it???   Don't tell anyone.....

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Heart Number just Heart Number Five!

This heart sachet is made from a yummy iridescent hot pink and red dupioni silk fabric which I ALWAYS keep in stock.  I've used it for linings of handbags, trims on dresses and headpieces, and as the decorative outside fabric for clutches....I just love it.  The beaded lace was made from hot pink iridescent beads and other yellow gold and hot pink beads.  Hanging from the bottom of the heart is a handmade heart-shaped charm painted pink with a tiny little cherub lying under a rounded blog of glas to magnify the cherub.  This little charm was the inspiration for the whole design!  I have affixed a vintage earring with iridescent rhinestones to the top center as its focal point. 

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Heart Number Four....and, yes! There are more.....

I love hot pink and when I held it against this honey gold taffeta, it popped....and in a good way!  The little vintage velvet flowers were on an old earring that one of my VERY best friends gave to me (yes, Lisa from KC!) had been her mother's earring in its previous life.
I love how the beaded "lace" outlined the edge of this Valentine, too.  The bugle beads are matte-finished which I also adore.

And I still don't have any ideas for this year's heart....any suggestions?  I'm thinking metallic charcoal gray taffeta....I'll look for a piece of cool jewelry to be the focal point tomorrow when I drop by my studio.  But I'm all  ears for suggestions, Girlfriends!!!

Take care and have a wonderful weekend, Bloggirls.....


PS....Check out the holes in the Morning Glory leaves.....isn't nature cool?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Heart Number Three, Sweet As Can Be....

Couldn't resist using one of my Great Aunt Opal's vintage buttons because of the tall, skinny heart on it.  It was the inspiration that guided this heart's design.....

 The button is probably from the 40's and is made of a composite wood-like substance.  And if I had more time I could go into a whole spiel about buttons, but I'll spare you and do it another time...just don't let me forget!