Saturday, January 9, 2010

ON A ROLL.....

What is it about the new year that makes us feel an emergence of sorts?  And for those who do not get that feeling, a promise or resolution to ourselves somehow makes up for it.   
Mine has come in the form of creativity, and I am bursting at the seams with new ideas for jewelry, handbags and clothes.  My only hindrance.....what do I begin working on first?  
For inspiration, I sat in my studio opening box after box of fabrics, patterns, jewelry, beads, ribbons, and laces....all of which are vintage....some of which are even antique.  My imagination ran wild with thoughts of their experiences in previous lives, conversations they overheard, and places they had visited.
While perusing these treasures, I came across a vintage straw hat that had the most beautiful silk roses completely encircling it....and they were the most gorgeous color of rose pink.  A few minutes earlier I had been holding a pink pearl necklace and a pink rhinestone necklace in my hands, and the idea came to me....a statement necklace with the pearls, rhinestones and silk flowers!  I hope you like it......more pics are available for viewing at

Thursday, January 7, 2010


The Thanksgiving and Christmas season were a blur for me.  I remember working long hours and spending lots of time away from my family.  Well, actually I was sitting three feet from them, but my face was buried in my laptop.  I tried to tell myself I was spending time with them, but the lack of conversation and activities revealed the truth....they didn't even know I was in the house...
My New Year's resolution?  Have all my holiday items for Etsy and holiday shows completed by October 31, so when the holidays roll around, I will get to share them with my family.  I'm already working on it, too!

At left is a picture of my latest statement necklace, MISS BALMAIN....second in a series of necklaces that feature a vintage, miniature bottle of perfume among other wonderful and unusual vintage pieces of jewelry.  The first one, called FANTASIA, can be viewed on my Feb. 17, 2010 post about Michelle Roark, entrepreneur and Olympic is pink and gold and I LOVED! the name of the perfume in that one!  Both were very fun to make!  You may see more pics of MISS BALMAIN here: