Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Daughter's Valentine's Day Tradition

A few years back I made my mother a small heart-shaped sachet for Valentine's Day.  It was red duipioni silk with a double row of "lace" that I created from seed beads and I hand embroidered her initial "P" on the front in metallic gold thread.  While I sat working on it I thought about my childhood days that she had filled with love and the warmth of her touch.  I enjoyed filling the time it took to make every tiny hand stitch with those wonderful memories!  It turned out so lovely that I made one the next year....and the next year....and the next....
I think I have missed one of the last 9 years in making them, but I did get another one made for her this year.  Blue is not really one of her favorite colors, but I am running out of new colors to use!....hope the turquoise duipioni charms her eye!
I do have one rule to follow when I design her hearts:  It must be created from things I already have at my home and my studio...nothing purchased specifically for it.  
Sometime I will take pictures of them all and share them with you....


Diana by Lagoa Design Studio said...

Hi Sue, I found your blog throw the Etsy shop and just stopped to say - I'm soooooooo impressed of your art! Your handbags are absolutely stunning. They are breathtaking... No more words:)
Thank you so very much for this beauty.
Take care!

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