Wednesday, February 17, 2010

MICHELLE ROARK - 2010 Olympic Mogul Skier

My FANTASIA statement necklace has found a new home with my friend Michelle Roark, 2010 Olympic Mogul competitor, and 2006 Olympian and World Cup Champion Downhill Skier.   
Michelle may wear spacey-looking ski clothes and fly down mountains at 40 mph, but she's all girl underneath.  And her favorite color? You guessed it....PINK!  So it's no wonder that my Fantasia necklace has found a new home with her.  Michelle was even brave enough to rock it with her US Olympian ski gear in an interview with Fox news:

As if her skiing talents weren't enough, Michelle is the designer and creator behind Phi-nomenal Perfumes and owner of Denver's Voila Spa; Next time you are strolling around downtown Denver, take a few minutes to walk through Voila and smell her latest perfumes....she will even create a custom one for you!


2185 Broadway
Denver, CO 80205



Diana by Lagoa Design Studio said...

WoW!!! The necklace looks absolutely gorgeous. Congratulations for both of you! Now I'm going to see VOILA. It's pity I'm so far away from Denver...:)

La Petite Plume said...

Your Majesty I love this necklace! It is so me:) I love Pink and glamourous gems. Bravo!

Royal wishes,

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