Saturday, April 24, 2010

Haute Handbags

The Spring issue of Haute Handbags has hit the stands and I'm so excited to be included in this issue!
The handbag they asked me to submit to them was my kiwi velvet clutch with white ostrich feathers and vintage brooch.
Beth, their editor, was a doll to work with and I love her choices in all that she creates.  I follow her blog, too..... it out.
You'll love the magazines Stampington & Company publishes, too!  Once you begin looking at's difficult to tear yourself away.  Have fun!


Diana by Lagoa Design Studio said...

Hi darling Sue,
I'm so happy to hear something from your side!!! As always the news are fascinating:)
CONGRATULATIONS and thanks a lot for your article! You have inspired me to create a handbag...

Your clutches fit JUST for QUEEN, that's clear true.

Have a blessed weekend!
Warm hugs,

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