Saturday, May 29, 2010

Elegant Fundraiser Project for Kids

My daughters' school has a fundraiser every other spring and each class is required to donate one item.   A few parents come up with ideas, then we let the kids choose the one they want to create.  I suggested that we let the students make a chandelier from glass beads, and this was the project that they chose to make.
Surprisingly, the chandelier was easy as pie to make!  First, we bought a vintage-style chandelier on eBay for $60 plus shipping.  Then we purchased large glass seed beads in shades of greens, yellows, golds and clear, and clear crystals in various larger sizes from a local bead shop.   
In preparation, we had pre-cut the desired lengths of 28-gauge wire for the kids to string the beads on in no certain order or pattern....just randomly as each child pleased.  This took the class about two hours to do, and we completed 56 long wire "strings" for the top and 56 short wire "strings" for the bottom.
The rest of the project was completed by the parents.  It involved removing the original plastic "crystals" from the chandelier, and then drilling supplemental holes in its frame so that we could get the amount of wire "strings" that we wanted to fill in the chandelier's shape.  We also added crystal-shaped beaded wires to drop from each lamp's cradle.
I think they did a wonderful job on it and, lucky for me, husband won the auction, and it is now hanging over my kitchen table!


Jenny said...

Wow! Wow! Wow! that is amazing, it looks like a really expensive one! I love it! Also the green bag in your banner, Love that, sent you a message through etsy about it - nice to meet you Sue!
Jen xo

joanny said...

Lots of beauty and creativity going on over here on your blog. Love it all. Stunning chandler you made.

Thanks for visiting my blog you are welcome anytime.


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