Sunday, June 6, 2010

Lovely Lilacs

In the Victorian times, flowers represented a language unto themselves....and lilacs expressed "the first emotions of love".
 I couldn't believe my luck when, in the middle of lilacs blooming all over my neighborhood, I stumbled onto this lovely vintage lilac brooch (see the upper right side of the necklace).  The necklace's combination of pieces almost came together on their own.....and it was  so much fun to create!  
Please click on the picture to enlarge and look at each piece closely.....the individual pieces are as yummy as they can be!
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Diana by Lagoa Design Studio said...

OMG!!! Darling Sue... This is the most beautiful piece I've seen in last time! Amazing. Gorgeous. Stunning!! I really DO love the colors:)
Have a wonderful week, my amazingly talented friend!


koralee said...

Your blog is lovely and your necklaces beyond words! Thank you so so much for your sweet email..I am honored to have the same name as your grandma..with the same spelling! It is not very common at all..especially the spelling. I am off to follow you and check out some more of your lovely treasures. Have a great new week. xoxoo

Duchess of Tea said...

Hello Sue darling, I hope life is treating you with rhinestone encrusted gloves. Luv, thanks so much for the sweet comment, your words brought tears to my eyes, and brought on an indescribable feeling. I miss you too and your brilliant blog and can't wait to return to blogging. Both Lady R and I thank you for your thoughts and prayers. You are a true friend, a gem really.

Take care my friend
Love & Hugs

Couture Millinery Atelier. said...

This necklace is absolutely amazing! Stunning piece. I can ablutely see wearing it with a chic pair of heels and jeans. You did such a fantastic job!

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Just found your lovely blog through Diana. Your pieces are stunning, really love them!
Wishing you a wonderful weekend. xx

Debra@Common Ground said...

WOW, oh wow, amazing!! This necklace is just way too cool. I love it! You have a real eye for putting it all together. So nice to meet you and thanks for joining in!

Simply Mel said...

BEAUTIFUL necklace! A piece of garden goddess perfection!

The Shiny Pebble said...

Sue, 'gliterfritz' is fabulous! I must use that. :D

It is never too late to join the party. i will leave the post up thru Friday. Just pick up an outfit and one of your gorgeous pieces and do a Grand entrance, Diva style.

Couture Carrie said...

Exquisite necklace, darling!



I've always thought a bit of whimsy was needed no matter how elegant your outfit. Otherwise, boring & ordinary even if you spent $1000's. Marsha

OneCraftyFox said...

Gorgeous, and Wow to the chandelier below. Thanks so much for the nicey on my blog, I'd like to invite you to join my *Cupcake Challenge* :)

Bella said...

Hi, Thank you so much for following my Blog! Refollowing you back ... Love the necklaces and clutches, so beautiful .... Bella

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