Saturday, February 5, 2011

Heart Number Four....and, yes! There are more.....

I love hot pink and when I held it against this honey gold taffeta, it popped....and in a good way!  The little vintage velvet flowers were on an old earring that one of my VERY best friends gave to me (yes, Lisa from KC!) had been her mother's earring in its previous life.
I love how the beaded "lace" outlined the edge of this Valentine, too.  The bugle beads are matte-finished which I also adore.

And I still don't have any ideas for this year's heart....any suggestions?  I'm thinking metallic charcoal gray taffeta....I'll look for a piece of cool jewelry to be the focal point tomorrow when I drop by my studio.  But I'm all  ears for suggestions, Girlfriends!!!

Take care and have a wonderful weekend, Bloggirls.....


PS....Check out the holes in the Morning Glory leaves.....isn't nature cool?


VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

Dear,dear Sue:-)*

You hearts are adorable sweet,beautiful and SO elegant,love it so very much!!!

Wish you cozy weekend,

koralee said...

Oh these all make my heart know how much I adore hearts. xoxoxoo

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