Saturday, February 12, 2011

Heart Number just Heart Number Five!

This heart sachet is made from a yummy iridescent hot pink and red dupioni silk fabric which I ALWAYS keep in stock.  I've used it for linings of handbags, trims on dresses and headpieces, and as the decorative outside fabric for clutches....I just love it.  The beaded lace was made from hot pink iridescent beads and other yellow gold and hot pink beads.  Hanging from the bottom of the heart is a handmade heart-shaped charm painted pink with a tiny little cherub lying under a rounded blog of glas to magnify the cherub.  This little charm was the inspiration for the whole design!  I have affixed a vintage earring with iridescent rhinestones to the top center as its focal point. 


Diana by Lagoa Design Studio said...

Gorgeous work, dear Sue! I do love Dupioni silk and the pink color is so very juicy...

Happy Valentines!

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