Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Easiest Halloween Costume Ever!!!!

It's three days before Halloween and any mother of a child without a costume is ready to either renounce the holiday or totally willing to put a sheet with two holes in it over their kid for the trick-or-treating ritual.  I almost fell into the latter category a couple of years ago until I discovered this adorable jellyfish on the internet.  
It was complete with instructions, and the most difficult thing to find was the umbrella!  And if you have a golf shop within 5 miles of you, consider yourself there.....
It required an umbrella that was more in the "bubble" shape...not like the usual one that most people use, and lots of bubble wrap and iridescent cellophane.  The umbrella was easily located at the nearest golf pro shop, as I mentioned above, and the bubble wrap and cellophane were at the nearest strip mall and Target.   One hour later....voila!....instant jellyfish.  
My daughter wore an all-white sweatsuit underneath to keep warm and her only complaint was that she got tired of holding the umbrella.  She was a trooper though and hung in there holding that umbrella high overhead.  I think it was all the fun compliments from passing parents that made her feel the pain was worth it all in the end.  The kids passing by her didn't have a clue what she was.....you could hear the parents explaining as they walked away from us.
In the end, she looks back at the pictures and remembers what a fun costume it was.  I look back and remember how easy it was to make!....And, oh, if only they could all come together that quickly!  The kudos from other moms telling me she should get "Best of Show" just made me realize that a fabulous costume doesn't have to take hours to make and cost tons of dollars.....it only takes a little research and a quick trip to your nearest golf pro shop!!!  Go figure!   :)


Anonymous said...

Where did you get the materials for this? Thanks

Sue Jack said...

I picked up the bubble wrap from a packing/shipping store, a white sweatsuit from Target, the umbrella on ebay and the iridescent cellophane from Hobby Lobby. It was sold with the colored tissue paper for gift wrappying. I used wide shipping tape to put it all together.

Let me know if you have any more questions....I'd be happy to help!

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