Tuesday, January 4, 2011

From Whence We Come......

That I would enjoy designing beautiful things seems natural since I come from a long line of creative women on my mother's side of the family.
My great-grandmother May (pictured above) made dozens of beautiful quilts--mostly for warmth--but nevertheless beautiful, each and every one.    She also designed her own clothes as well as her daughters'.....my Grandmother Maude and my Great Aunt Opal....
and as they became young women, they were dressed to the nines...always.....(don't the dresses on the left below look like they stepped right off Ralph Lauren's Spring 2010 runway??)

My Grandmother Maude (pictured above left in the photo on the left, and right in the "smocks" photo above), designed my mother's and Aunt Nancy's clothes, too, both casual and special occasion frocks.  They were also the "Belle of the Ball" where ever they went....complete with coiffed hair, rhinestone earrings and necklaces, and matching pumps.
My mother worked full-time as I was growing up, but she still found time to teach me to sew.  I know she knew it was inevitable when she watched me making clothes for my  Barbie dolls at age 6.  Alas, it's one of those things that's just in your blood....there is no denying it!
When I was 11, she bought my first sewing machine for me....an old, used black Singer with gold trim, which I still have, along with our original sales receipt.....$19.95!  I still love that old machine for its memories of my first original creations, and for its own design and style.  These old sewing machines sell for a mint today.....but I wouldn't part with mine for the world!  

 (I also have my Great Grandmother May's treadle sewing machine, but have not had the confidence nor time to learn to use it.  I know,....it's on the list!)


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